Dust Collector Motor Problems

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About two weeks ago, my dust collector motor suddenly quit. Just like it was shut off. I did some limited troubleshooting to make sure it wasn’t a tripped circuit breaker, loose connection, or that the motor needed resetting. What I found was that the wires were burned on one of the 220v legs where the line connected to the motor leads. It had obviously been hot as it fused the plastic wire-nut casing to the wires. During this time, I was in contact with Oneida support who were very helpful and prompt in responding to emails. They offered a number of great suggestions, none of which helped, unfortunately.

Lovvorn Electric Motors image from their FaceBook Page

So, I made sure the power was disconnected, cleaned up the mess and reconnected the wires. Nothing. I pushed the motor reset button several times. Nothing. In fact, nothing I tried changed anything. So, down came the motor/blower assembly. No small task for sure let alone by your self!

So, off to Lavvorn Electric Motors of Carrollton, GA. I got their name from a small generator/starter (DC) motor shop in Carrollton. What a find Ted and Andy are! They used to Work for Johnson Motors in Carrollton and when that company went out of business, formed their own small business.

I took it to Ted and in troubleshooting the motor, he wiggled the reset button while pushing on it and SNAP! The motor then ran normally so we thought that was it. I took the assembly home, managed to get it into position and thought I was home free. When I tested the motor, it ran for about 30 seconds and tripped the reset button. After a couple of resets and tripping the reset each time. I noticed that a section of the motor was getting very warm. So warm I couldn’t hold my had on it for any length of time.

Oneida dust collector similar to my 2 horsepower system.
Similar to my 2 hp system

Down came the motor a second time and back to Lavvorn. This time we took the motor apart and found that there was a short that was causing the unit to heat up and trip the reset switch. New motor time!

Oneida quoted an amazing price on a new Baldor 2hp motor. I was convinced that it was a rebuilt motor, but when I asked, I was assured that it was brand new. Oneida shipped the motor the day after I ordered it. The did a great job of packing. it was double-boxed it, and there was foam around the motor. Even UPS couldn’t manage to damage that shipment. It arrived without a scratch on it. Thanks, Oneida!

I had had so much difficulty getting the blower assembly into position the first time that a friend suggested a chain hoist from Harbor Freight. Those things are wonderful!! I had to cut a hole in the shop ceiling to get enough clearance. There is an internal piece below the blower that needs to be sealed to the blower assembly, so I did that on the ground along with attaching the cylindrical tube below it. Once everything was assembled, it was a piece of cake getting the blower assembly into position.

Oneida products are not cheap, but from the very first contact with them 15 years ago when I bought my dust collector, every contact with them has been a no-hassle, customer first experience. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again nor would I hesitate to do business with Lavvorn Electric Motors. Just like Oneida, they run their business in a no-hassle, customer first way.

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