Do you offer instruction?


Yes. My shop or yours (if you have a lathe.) $30.00/hour in my shop, $40.00/hour in yours. Contact me if you are interested and we can work out a schedule. Top of page.


What are your shipping charges?


Ground shipping via the U.S. Post Office to the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii is free. Outside that area, unless agreed upon in advance, all costs for shipping and delivery (including any duties, taxes, etc.) are the responsibility of the purchaser. Top of page.


Is over-night shipping available?


Yes, overnight delivery it can be arranged. You pay only the actual cost of shipping. Top of page.


What is your guarantee on your pieces?


If you are not satisfied with any piece you purchase, contact me within seven (7) days of delivery and you may choose to either: 1) Replace the piece with another of similar value, quality and type, or 2) refund 100% of your purchase price for the piece excluding any shipping that you may have paid. Top of page.




How do I decide which urn to purchase?


Other than personal preference as to how the urn looks, the only criteria is volume. All of my urns are marked with their volume and most are a minimum of 200 cubic inches. That should accommodate anyone 200 pounds or less. Special requests for larger/smaller sizes can be met on request. Top of page.


What kinds of wood do you use?


I use locally available hardwoods which include, cherry, maple, walnut, ornamental pear, boxelder, poplar and others. Top of page.


Do you personally make all of your urns?


Yes, I do all of the work on my urns. I make each one individually from a single large block of green (fresh) wood which is shaped and hollowed on a lathe. Once the urn has dried sufficiently it is returned to the lathe for final finishing. Top of page.


What kind of finish is used on your urns?


I use a polyurethane finish. I find that it brings out the beauty of the wood like no other finish and it provides excellent protection at the same time. I do not use any type of stains or colorings on any urns. Top of page.


Are the bodies of your urns one piece?


Yes, the body of the urn is hollowed from a single piece of wood. The threaded insert and finial/lid are created from harder woods that allow me to create smooth strong threads for the lid. Top of page.