The following are my current demonstration topics.

Any of these topics can be presented as a meeting demonstration or as an all day hands-on event. Meeting demonstrations normally run approximately an hour and thirty minutes to two hours depending on time constraints and questions. All day hands on classes normally run approximately six hours not including time for lunch. A typical day would start at 9:00 am and run through 4:00 pm with an hour for lunch.

If you are interested in scheduling me for your club meeting or for a hands on event, please contact me at for open dates and current fees.


Learn how to create your own unique ornaments. The demonstration will begin with a simple, three piece birdhouse ornament and end with a more complex sea urchin ornament. Turned wood ornaments are an enjoyable project that can provide decorative accents not only for the holidays but all year long. For beginners, creating ornaments is a great way to build valuable skills using small and inexpensive pieces of material.


Bangles are easy and enjoyable projects that are a sure hit for gifts and sales. Learn how to create a beautiful bangle from scrap wood around the shop. Deciding to make a bangle is just the beginning. Learn about common sizes, how to measure the hand for correct sizing, and how to take your bangles to the next level with embellishment. This demonstration can be combined with pendants below.


Making pendants is an excellent way to learn off center skills using small, inexpensive pieces of material. Learn the steps to create pendants, earrings and more using the Joyner Off Center Jig. The mystery of this jig will be explained and enable you to start producing beautiful pendants in no time. See how this jig allows easy setup and repeatability for your one of a kind projects or production work. Also, learn how to make your own shop made off center jig. This demonstration can be combined with bangles above.

Coloring and texturing:

If you are to the point where you would like to move to something beyond round and brown, this demonstration will help you get started. Learn the basics of dying, painting, burning and carving to embellish your work. If you need a little nudge to get you started embellishing, this demonstration will provide it. This wide-ranging demonstration will cover a lot of ground including techniques, products, sources and more.

Standard 10" Pepper mill:

Pepper and salt mills make wonderful gifts as well as great craft show items. Learn the step-by- step process of creating a traditional pepper mill including material selection, blank preparation, grain orientation, layout, turning and assembly. Then learn how you can take your mills to the next level with alternate materials.

Antique Pepper Grinder:

Antique Pepper Grinders make wonderful gifts as well as great craft show items. Learn the step-by- step process of creating an antique pepper grinder, including material selection, blank preparation, grain orientation, layout, turning and assembly. If time permits, a matching salt shaker will be turned.

Square platter:

Tired of round, try square! Learn how to create a platter or plate from a square piece of timber. This demonstration will cover selection of material, centering the work, safety precautions, tool control and turning from start to finished product. Once the platter is complete, learn simple tricks to help lay out various designs for embellishing your work as well as simple ways color, burn, and carve the piece turning it into a piece of art.

Vessel With A Gouge:

Do you want to make vessels but don’t have a hollowing system. No worries. Learn how to create vessels with nothing more that basic wood turning tools. No boring bars, no lasers, no guessing at wall thickness or picking shavings out through a small hole. If you can make a bowl, you can create attractive, artistic vessels and no one will know you didn’t spend hours hollowing them.

Cremation/Burial Urns

Cremation is becoming more popular by the day and that means demand for beautiful, one of a kind urns is on the rise. This demonstration covers the selection of material and various hollowing tools available. Learn how to hollow a small vessel, make a threaded collar and then a threaded lid to fit the collar. Other topics covered include how calculate the volume of an urn and how to construct your own camera guided tools from inexpensive parts available on Amazon or eBay